Fluency-Guided Cross-Lingual Image Captioning

Our MM2017 paper on cross-lingual image captioning is online.  We have also released code, data and pre-trained models at https://github.com/li-xirong/cross-lingual-cap.


Image captioning has so far been explored mostly in English, as most available datasets are in this language. However, the application of image captioning should not be restricted by language. Only few studies have been conducted for image captioning in a cross-lingual setting. Different from these works that manually build a dataset for a target language, we aim to learn a cross-lingual captioning model fully from machine-translated sentences. To conquer the lack of fluency in the translated sentences, we propose in this paper a fluency-guided learning framework. The framework comprises a module to automatically estimate the fluency of the sentences and another module to utilize the estimated fluency scores to effectively train an image captioning model for the target language. As experiments on two bilingual (English-Chinese) datasets show, our approach improves both fluency and relevance of the generated captions in Chinese, but without using any manually written sentences from the target language.

Weiyu Lan, Xirong Li, Jianfeng Dong (2017): Fluency-Guided Cross-Lingual Image Captioning. In: ACM Multimedia, 2017.